Beneficial Insect Sculptures

Honeybee Sculpture

Title “Bee-lieve in the Honey Bee” by John Brommel

A series of larger than life sculptures stand out among the flowers at the Enabling Garden. Each artwork, created by sculptor John Brommel, depicts a beneficial insect.

Signs at each sculpture describe the important roles these beneficial insects play in our gardens. The Enabling Garden is a Pollinator Habitat for beneficial insects. You can see examples of host and nectar plants, overwintering sites, and basking sites throughout the Enabling Garden.

Praying Mantis Sculpture

Title “Praying for Prey” by John Brommel



Each sculpture has lovely details and textures that make you want to take a closer look. The best viewing time to see the details of these towering sculptures is in the morning, looking away from the sun. But they are especially beautiful as the sun sets. The golden light cast upon the sculptures creates a warm metallic glow. Praying Mantis Wings Sculpture

Saving Grace Sculpture

Title “Saving Grace ” by John Brommel
















The beneficial insect sculpture series was funded by a grant from Prairie Meadows.

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