I Spy in the Garden Game: Birdhouses

Birhouse Fence

+1 bonus point for each of these 3 birdhouses

During your next visit to the Enabling Garden play the “I spy” in the garden game! The challenge in this game is to find birdhouses. There are at least 30 of them scattered around the garden making it especially fun to play with children.

Rules to the game

Each person gains 1 point for every birdhouse they find in the Enabling Garden. You can add 2 bonus points for each hard-to-find birdhouse you find based on the clues below. You can add bonus points for each birdhouse you find pictured on this page. The bonuses are listed underneath each photograph.

Clues to hard-to-find birdhouses:

+2 point ~ purple martins scout for homes way up in the sky
+2 point ~ one house is re-purposed, the mail is here!

Birdhouse white

+2 bonus points

Bird nest

+3 bonus points, don’t forget to look up

Birdhouse Altoona

+1 point

There are 30 functioning birdhouses, human and bird made, to be found in the garden. Can you find them all?

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