The Bottle Tree: Adding Sound in the Garden

Bottle Tree

If you are visiting the Enabling Garden on a breezy day, you may get lucky and hear the wind playing on The Bottle Tree.

Its an old superstition from the Congo that evil spirits will be drawn in by the sparkling bottles and get trapped. With the evil spirits safely moaning away inside the bottles, life could proceed without fear around the home. That is until a bottle breaks and sets the specter free. Spooky!

While I think is sounds more like a whistle, the saying goes…
When a soft wind blows, you can hear the moans of the trapped spirits whistling on the breeze. The way the spirits get free is if a bottle breaks, so take care around the Bottle Tree.

At the Enabling Garden we try and engage all five senses. The Bottle Tree is one of the ways we include sight and sound in the garden.

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