Children’s Garden

Childrens Musical Instruments
The children’s garden at Altoona’s Enabling Garden is designed to engage children’s five senses with natural playscapes.

After much work by volunteers at the Enabling Garden, the children’s garden was completed in 2015 and is ready for your visit.

The garden and playscape are both free and open to the public.

Visit the garden at 1050 1st Ave S, Altoona, IA 50009.
Childrens Garden Features

Features of the Children’s Garden

  • Stump Walk and Balance Beam
  • Colorful Entrance Totems
  • Pole Bean Tee Pee
  • Accessible Tic-Tac-Toe Board
  • Two Accessible Building Block Tables
  • Beneficial Insect Garden Art
  • Accessible Musical Instruments
  • Sand Play Area
  • Flowers with Color, Scent, & Texture
  • Accessible Raised Garden Planters
  • Benches

Childrens Garden Progress 6-10-15Childrens Play Sand Area



2016 Tee Pee Plant List:
  • mini pumpkins
  • gourds
  • pole beans
  • ornamental squash
  • mini cucumbers

The Children’s garden is located between the praying mantis sculpture and the orchard on the south side of the garden. Use the blue arbor entrance into the Enabling Garden and look for the totem entrance into the Children’s Garden on your right.

Bring your children to the 2017 Children’s Art in the Garden hosted by Polk County Master Gardeners.






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