2016 Project Goals at the Enabling Garden

Bench in Butterfly GardenImprove the Rain Garden


We will improve pathways into the rain garden so visitors will be able to walk further into the habitat. You will be able to get up close to the vast ecosystem that lives in our rain garden.

You will also be able to learn more with the additional signage being installed in 2016. Signs will provide more details about how the rain garden works to clean runoff water and acts as a pollinator habitat.

The first stage of the project is to thin out the tall overpowering natives shading out shorter natives. We will also remove non-native weeds that have found their way into the garden over the years. Once the planting has been revitalized, work on the paths and signage will begin.

Kitchen Garden Raised BedsExpand the Kitchen Garden


During 2016 the volunteers at the Enabling Garden will be expanding the kitchen garden. We will demonstrate more ways to make vegetable gardening accessible with raised beds and vertical gardening techniques.


The additional fruits and vegetables will help us give more to the Caring Hands Food Pantry in Altoona, Iowa.

Progress Update: The raised beds and trellis structures have been built, installed, and planted. As of August, the Enabling Garden has already donated 191 pounds of produce to the pantry in 2016.


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