What’s Blooming? Camssia Quamash

Camssia Quamash

Search for this little beauty blooming at the Enabling Garden from May to June. Camssia forms a bulb, but is also self-seeding. It takes 3 years for the plant to flower when started from a seed. The Enabling Garden has clumps of white and purple camssia, so be sure to…

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What’s Blooming? Bridal Wreath Spiraea

Bridal Wreath Spirea

The long, arched stems of the bridal wreath spiraea at the Enabling Garden are covered in white blooms. It’s spectacular now in May, but will also have a lovely orange-red leaf color in the fall. This easy to grow shrub is great for the home gardener looking for a big…

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What’s Blooming? Lilac

What's Blooming: Lilac

Among the many flowers that are starting to bloom at the Enabling Garden, the ‘Charles Joley’ lilac is stealing the show. Come sit on the nearby swing and enjoy the lilacs lovely scent and the beautiful May weather. Other flowers that are blooming at the Enabling Garden in early May…

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What’s Blooming? Castor Beans

Castor Bean

Tucked underneath massive palmate leaves are these bizarre flowers that look like Horton could hear a Who on them. What are they? Castor Beans! By October, these giant plants grew taller than a 5’5″ person, and they grew that tall in a single year. In Iowa we grow castor beans…

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What’s Blooming? Chrysanthemums

Grasses and Mums

Stop by the Enabling Garden this autumn at sunset and the whole garden is ablaze in gold and red. Red mums, blood grass, viburnums, and castor beans are vibrant red against the golden grasses. Even the metal sculptures seem to have an extra glow to them this time of year.

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What’s Blooming? Kale


There is a mass planting of ornamental kale at the center of the Enabling Garden that is spectacular. While kale technically isn’t grown for its “bloom”, their rosette of leaves is as beautiful as a flower. These hardy plants persist even through frost and snow creating a welcomed sight in…

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What’s Blooming? Surprise Lily

Surprise Lily

Around mid-August, surprise lilies pop up throughout the Enabling Garden. These amazing lilies are often forgotten about because their foliage dies back early in the season. It’s a nice “surprise” to see a cluster of unexpected flowers pop up in the middle of a flower bed.   This flower goes…

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What’s Blooming? Hydrangea

Hydrangea in Autumn

As you walk down the bike path in Altoona, IA, you may just stop in your tracks when you see this hydrangea at the edge of the Enabling Garden. It’s the ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ variety that looks like sweet ice cream. The large shrub is covered in late summer blossoms that…

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What’s Blooming? Broccoli

Broccoli in Bloom

Have you seen the blooming broccoli at the Enabling Garden? It’s beautiful! This is what broccoli looks like if you don’t eat it. Each little green flower bud you normally see on your dinner plate will open as a yellow flower in a large fluffy ball. Wow! The bees are…

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What’s Blooming? Campanula

Campanula Blossoms

The adorable nodding flowers of Campanula ‘Pink Chimes’ are so enchanting, you won’t want to miss them. They bloom at the Enabling Garden from June to July. You may be familiar with the ‘Pink Chimes’ variety of campanula, because it’s popular in cottage gardens. But campanulas come in many shapes…

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