What’s Blooming? Irises

Iris Bearded

Irises are blooming throughout the Enabling Garden in late May. There is a mass planting of irises at the top of the hill behind the shed that is a nice surprise as you turn the corner. If your thinking of adding irises to your garden, visit the Enabling Garden to…

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What’s Blooming? Alliums

allium chives

Alliums are blooming throughout the Enabling Garden in mid May. And while the daffodils have faded, the tulips are still blooming alongside these pretty little onions. Other flowers that are blooming in mid May at the Enabling Garden: Phlox Bridal Wreath Spiraea Columbine Pulmonaria (lungwort) Brunnera Anemone Weigela Geum Hardy…

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What’s Blooming? Arkansas Blue Star

Arkansas Blue Star Flower

This unusual plant caught my eye in early May at the Enabling Garden, because its branches curl almost like a fern frond unfurling. The pale blue star flowers were not very showy at first. By the end of May the entire plant is now covered in almost white flowers. It…

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What’s Blooming? Spring Bulbs

Daffodil Yellow

At the end of April, the Enabling Garden is coming back to life with spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth. If you want to try adding bulbs to your home garden, daffodils are a great choice to start with. Each year the bulbs multiply; quickly turning a small…

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What’s Blooming? Milkweed


If you’ve never let swamp milkweed flower in your garden you may not realize what an adorable plant this is. Not to mention it smells like vanilla. By the end of June, the fluffy pom-pom flowers are fuzzy and irresistible to touch. This makes them a great choice for starting…

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What’s Blooming? Violas

Violas Pink

This year an entire raised bed is filled with pansies and johnny-jump-ups at the Enabling Garden. It’s mid-June and these violas are blooming like crazy in the cool shade. The best part is that they are growing in a tall raised bed so you can enjoy their cute little faces…

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What’s Blooming? Foxtail Lily

Foxtail Lily

You will need to make a trip to the Enabling Garden soon if you want to see the foxtail lily (Eremurus) before it’s done blooming. It is like a sparkler in the garden. It blooms from the bottom up and by mid-June the fizzle is about to go out. The…

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What’s Blooming? Asiatic Lily

Asiatic Lily Peach

There are patches of asiatic lilies at the Enabling Garden that are WOW! beautiful. The first to open are the peach and yellow.  The red, pink, and orange lilies start to bloom about a week later. If you are traveling along the bike path, you won’t miss these showstoppers in…

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What’s Blooming? Knock Out Roses

Rose Yellow Knock Out

The very first of the roses this season have begun to bloom. The Enabling Garden has pink, yellow, and red Knock Out roses in full bloom. Other flowers that are blooming now at the Enabling Garden in early June 2015: Bearded Iris Flag Iris Shasta Daisy Hardy Geranium Lantana Catmint…

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What’s Blooming? Columbine


There are a variety of columbine blooming at the Enabling Garden. Many of them are pleasant surprises from self seeding. While columbine is usually a short lived perennial it readily self seeds. Other flowers that are blooming now at the Enabling Garden in mid May: Bearded Iris Flag Iris Shasta…

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