Vern Willey II Trail Park

Bicycles at Garden

Bicycling the Trail

The Enabling Garden is like an oasis on the Vern Willey II Trail. Stop for a rest, refill your water bottle at our drinking fountain, or have a picnic while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings. With HyVee next door to the garden, you can even have a spontaneous picnic with a to-go salad from the HyVee Salad Bar. Bike racks are adjacent to the garden.

Three picnic areas at the Enabling Garden:

  • Eight person picnic table overlooking the river in sun
  • Wheelchair accessible picnic table under the shelter
  • Four person picnic table in full shade

Picnic bench with river view

Walking the Trail

If you want to walk the trail, you can park at the Enabling Garden and start your walk from the garden. The trail is formed in several loops so you can choose the distance you want to walk as you progress. There are benches in the shade along the river to rest and enjoy the ducks. You will not need to cross any streets on this trail, as there are two tunnels that cross underneath the intersecting streets. The trail is especially great for dog walking, because it runs along a wetland preserve that dogs find fascinating.


After your walk, take a break on the garden swing, and enjoy the best view of the garden and river trail. The swing faces the sunset!

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