Our Mission

Paved Walkways

Paved walkways through the length of the Enabling Garden

Our primary goal is to welcome people of all abilities to the Enabling Garden in Altoona, IA.

  • The main pathways are poured concrete for easy access through the garden.
  • The raised beds and containers can be accessed from all sides and are built to working height.
  • Vertical structures allow gardeners to garden without the need to bend or stoop.
  • Wheelchair accessible picnic table

Vertical Gardening






The Enabling Garden is also designed to awaken the five senses.

  • Smell: fragrant plants and flowers
  • Touch: fuzzy leaves, wispy seed heads
  • Sound : meditation fountain, wind-chimes, windmill, plants and homes that attract birds, wind in trees, the bottle tree
  • Taste: Kitchen garden for Caring Hands Food Pantry
  • Sight: color and shapes of plants and structures

Features of the Enabling Garden

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