Fun Things to Do at the Enabling Garden

Fun things to dolisten to garden talks     |     ride a bike     |     read a book from the Little Free Library     |     meditate by the fountain     |     smell the roses     |     admire the sculptures     |     count the birdhouses     |     volunteer     |     Tai Chi     |     jog the trail     |     feed the ducks     |     play I spy in the fairy garden     |     get a drink of water     |     walk down an orchard lane     |     sit in a butterfly rain garden     |    have a picnic     |     get ideas for your own garden     |     stretch before your jog     |     practice macro photography of flowers and butterflies     |     take a deep breath and relax     |     ask a Master Gardener a garden question     |     get ideas for vertical gardening     |     visit our fall plant sale     |   walk your dog on the trail    |     listen to the bottle tree and wind-chimes     |    sketch a flower     |     identify butterflies in our habitat     |     take family photos     |     share a book at the Little Free Library    |     sit with your date on our swing while you watch the sunset     |     play in the children’s interactive garden     |    join us on Facebook    |   learn how to plant a tree    |    enjoy the view from the swing     |    listen to the birds   | get ideas for planters and trellises for your kitchen garden

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